When you’re busy running a business, how can you prioritize¬†Twitter over all your other tasks?

Different platforms speak to different people

Very few entrepreneurs have the desire to handle all of them at once, let alone the time in which to do so. My clients might handle their own Facebook for example, or their own landing pages, but I step in to manage their less-favourite platforms to round out their social media strategies.

Continuity is important, and I work on capturing your narrative style

My focus is on effective use of cross-channel marketing, storytelling, and linking my clients’ services to their communities. A customer should look forward to seeing your posts, and never feel like they are speaking to a logo.

The height of 80s mall glamour

Everything old is new again.

I spent my youth on the Commodore VIC-20 and then the SX-64, took courses in BASIC and Logo, and even went away to camp to learn PageMaker. For real. That was a thing. Now I work on a network of Apple laptops and mobile devices, but web design is turning back toward neon colours and trapped white space and it’s all comedically familiar. I have spent a shocking amount of time on various platforms, and am constantly studying the social media industry as it evolves with us. More importantly, my twelve-year career as a production designer plus my education in psychology and playwriting are a perfect foundation for devising the ideal¬†narrative for your company, your product, and you.

Current Clients/Areas of Daily Research

Pet Industry

I currently work with Bark Busters Hamilton-Niagara, covering topics including general pet health, indoor and outdoor safety, community products and services, local hiking locations and dog parks, nutrition, and training tips appropriate to the brand.

Toronto Real Estate Market

As the market is dissected with increasing scrutiny, I work to post pertinent news items, information helpful to sellers and buyers alike, home maintenance tips, interior design and renovation trends, local events and trade shows, and reasons to love the city.

Learning and Development

My innovative client, Enkompass, provides business simulation modules that avoid the usual traps of conventional team building companies. I provide links to pertinent research and articles about leadership, company culture, and pain points they address, such as communication silos–telling their story as well as that of their potential clients.

Monthly Podcast

The Title Block Podcast examines the history of production design in Canadian theatre, as well as its current artists. I provide graphics featuring interesting facts, notes from the archives, links to features on the web, and drive traffic to its various platforms.

“The Internet refuses no one.”

Please don’t steal from me. ¬© Lindsay Anne Black, 2017.